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Chronology for Glasgow Central Railway

//1888Glasgow Central RailwayAct receives Royal assent
//1889Glasgow Central Railway
Caledonian Railway
Glasgow Central Railway absorbed by Caledonian Railway. Alternative date 31/5/1890
26/11/1894Glasgow Central RailwayStobcross to Maryhill Central opened. This gave the Caledonian Railway access to the Queens Dock lines.
1/11/1895Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Cross opened
1/11/1895Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Green opened
1/11/1895Glasgow Central RailwayRutherglen to Glasgow Cross opened to passengers.
1/10/1896Glasgow Central RailwayLine opened completely
10/8/1896Glasgow Central RailwayMaryhill to Glasgow Central Low Level to Glasgow Cross opened.
1/2/1897Glasgow Central RailwayBridgeton Cross to Carmyle to Newton section opened to passengers.
1/5/1908Glasgow Central RailwayDawsholm station closed.
1/1/1917Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Green closed
1/6/1919Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Green re-opened
6/2/1939Glasgow Central RailwayBotanic Gardens closed.
1/5/1939Glasgow Central RailwayKirklee closed.
3/3/1952Glasgow Central RailwayParkhead renamed Parkhead Stadium.
4/8/1952Glasgow Central RailwayKelvinbridge closed.
2/11/1953Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Green closed
//1956Glasgow Central RailwayLine re-signaled with power boxes at Bridgeton Cross and Stobcross.
17/6/1957Glasgow Central RailwayKirkhill (Kirkhill Junction) to Carmyle (Westburn Junction) closed to passengers
2/11/1959Glasgow Central RailwayMaryhill Central to Stobcross (Via Kelvinbridge) closed to passengers
3/8/1959Glasgow Central RailwayStobcross station closed.
3/8/1959Glasgow Central RailwayAnderston Cross station closed.
14/8/1960Glasgow Central RailwayKelvinbridge to Stobcross Junction closed to freight
3/10/1964Glasgow Central RailwayDawsholm shed closed.
5/10/1964Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Central Low Level closed
5/10/1964Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Cross closed
5/10/1964Glasgow Central RailwayBridgeton Cross to Carmyle to Newton closed to passengers
5/10/1964Glasgow Central RailwayBridgeton Cross to Tollcross closed to all traffic
5/10/1964Glasgow Central RailwayPartick Central to Rutherglen closed to passengers
5/10/1964Glasgow Central RailwayPartick Central to Strathclyde Junction closed to all traffic
6/7/1964Glasgow Central RailwayMaryhill Central Junction to Kelvinbridge closed to freight
4/4/1966Glasgow Central RailwayTollcross to Tollcross East closed to freight
//1968Glasgow Central RailwayKelvinbridge station (closed) burns down.
//1969Glasgow Central RailwayKelvinbridge station demolished.
//1970Glasgow Central RailwayBotanic Gardens station building destroyed by fire. This also burned the below-ground buildings at platform level.
//1970Glasgow Central RailwayKirklee station buildings demolished.
//1970Glasgow Central RailwayBotanic Gardens station building burns down
//1977Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Cross building demolished.
5/11/1979Glasgow Central RailwayThe Argyle Line; Stobcross to Strathclyde Junction and Rutherglen Junction re-opened to passengers. Stations at; Finnieston, Anderston, Glasgow Central Low Level, Argyle Street, Dalmarnock and Rutherglen.
5/11/1979Glasgow Central RailwayGlasgow Central Low Level re-opened
//1986Stobcross Railway
Glasgow Central Railway
Finnieston renamed Exhibition Centre.
9/12/1994Glasgow Central RailwayThe River Kelvin bursts its banks and floods the closed tunnels from Kelvinbridge to Stobcross, where it floods the open Argyle Line railway. The route through Low Level Glasgow Central is closed between Partick and Rutherglen and trains are diverted onto the Sunnyside Junction to Whifflet section of the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway for access to Motherwell. This remains in operation for around nine months.
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