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Chronology for Edinburgh and Northern Railway

31/07/1845Edinburgh and Northern RailwayAct receives Royal assent. Mainline from Burntisland to Perth via Ladybank. Branches from Ladybank to Cupar and Kirkcaldy to the harbour. The Perth station was to be by the Dundee and Perth Railway station.
9/12/1847Edinburgh and Northern RailwayExtended from Lindores 1st to Glenburnie. Glenburnie opened and Lindores 1st closed. (Lindores 1st may also have been known as Abdie?)
27/7/1847Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven Railway
Edinburgh and Northern Railway
Edinburgh, Leith and Granton Railway absorbed by Edinburgh and Northern Railway.
17/9/1847Edinburgh and Northern RailwayOpened from Burntisland to Lindores and Cupar. Stations at Burntisland 1st , Kinghorn, Kirkcaldy, Sinclairtown, Dysart, Thornton, Markinch, Falkland Road, Kingskettle, Ladybank, Collessie, Lindores 1st , Springfield and Cupar.
18/5/1848Edinburgh and Northern RailwayExtended from Glenburnie to Abernethy Road. Stations at Newburgh 1st and Abernethy Road opened. Glenburnie closed.
25/7/1848Edinburgh and Northern RailwayOpened from Abernethy Road to Hilton Junction. Stations at Abernethy and Bridge of Earn 1st opened, Abernethy Road closed. (Alternative date for Bridge of Earn - 18th.)
13/12/1849Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway)Dunfermline Branch opened from Thornton Junction to Dunfermline. Stations opened at Halbeath.
/4/1849Edinburgh and Northern RailwayEdinburgh, Perth and Dundee RailwayThe Edinburgh and Northern Railway becomes the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee Railway.
//1850Fordell RailwayDunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway)Link from Fordell Railway to Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway) opened.
17/5/1850Edinburgh and Northern RailwayOpened from Cupar to Ferry-Port-on-Craig for passengers. Stations opened at Dairsie, Leuchars 1st, Ferry-Port-on-Craig opened.
//1851Edinburgh and Northern RailwayFerry-Port-on-Craig renamed Tay Port.
01/07/1852Edinburgh and Northern RailwayLeuchars 1st renamed Leuchars Junction on the opening of the St Andrews Railway.
//1861Kinross-shire RailwayEdinburgh and Northern RailwayKinross-shire Railway absorbed by Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee Railway.
//1861Fife and Kinross RailwayEdinburgh and Northern RailwayFife and Kinross Railway absorbed by the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee Railway.
01/06/1878Edinburgh and Northern RailwayLeuchars Junction 1st closed on opening of the Tay Bridge and Associated Railways replaced by Leuchars Junction 2nd to the south at the junction between the lines.
01/12/1878Edinburgh and Northern RailwayLeuchars Junction 1st reopens as Leuchars Old.
12/05/1879Edinburgh and Northern RailwayTay Port altered to become a through station on the Newport Railway, afterwards known as Tayport.
1/2/1890Edinburgh and Northern RailwayNew further west Bridge of Earn 2nd station opened to serve both the Perth to Ladybank and Perth to Cowdenbeath lines. Bridge of Earn 1st closes.
13/8/1906Edinburgh and Northern RailwayNewburgh 2nd opens west of Newburgh 1st which closes.
30/6/1913Edinburgh and Northern RailwayLeuchars Junction burned down by suffragettes.
14/4/1914Edinburgh and Northern RailwayCollision at Burntisland between London to Aberdeen express and Carlisle to Dundee goods
01/01/1917Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway])Sinclairtown, Halbeath, Kingskettle closed.
01/05/1919Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway)Sinclairtown, Halbeath, Kingskettle re-opened.
3/10/1921Edinburgh and Northern RailwayLeuchars Old station closed.
01/07/1923Edinburgh and Northern RailwayThornton renamed Thornton Junction.
22/9/1930Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway)Halbeath station closed.
/7/1933Edinburgh and Northern RailwayBridge of Earn Junction to Newburgh 1st singled and Glenburnie Junction to Ladybank singled. Newburgh 2nd to Glenburnie Junction becomes a long loop.
20/9/1954Edinburgh and Northern RailwayDairsie closed.
19/9/1955Edinburgh and Northern RailwayBridge of Earn Junction to Ladybank closed to passengers. Stations at Abernethy, Newburgh 2nd and Collessie closed.
9/1/1956Edinburgh and Northern RailwayTayport (excluded) to Leuchars Junction 2nd (excluded) closed to passengers. Leuchars Old (excluded) to Morton Siding (excluded) closed to all traffic.
15/9/1958Edinburgh and Northern RailwayFalkland Road station closed
13/5/1960Edinburgh and Northern RailwayNewburgh 2nd to Glenburnie Junction singled
22/05/1966Edinburgh and Northern RailwayTayport, now a terminus from Wormit, closed.
11/1/1966Edinburgh and Northern RailwayBridge of Earn Junction to Ladybank closed by rockfall at Clatchard Craig Quarry.
23/5/1966Edinburgh and Northern RailwayTayport to Spinning Mill Siding closed to goods.
16/1/1967Edinburgh and Northern RailwayLine re-opened between Bridge or Earn Junction and Ladybank after clearing rockfall at Clatchard Craig Quarry and re-instating line.
4/9/1967Edinburgh and Northern RailwayKingskettle station closed.
6/10/1969Edinburgh and Northern RailwaySinclairtown, Dysart, Thornton Junction stations closed.
/4/1970Edinburgh and Northern RailwayClosure of Thornton (62A) shed
/4/1970Edinburgh and Northern RailwayClosure of Dunfermline (62C) shed, Townhill wagon repair shops stabling point becomes 62C and gains allocation of locomotives
16/2/1972Edinburgh and Northern RailwayTokenless block introduced between Ladybank and Hilton Junction. Bridge of Earn Junction signal-box closed.
/5/1972Edinburgh and Northern RailwayNewburgh 2nd loop extended and each track signaled for bi-directional working.
8/1/1973Edinburgh and Northern RailwayWithdrawal of direct daily Kirkcaldy to Glasgow Queen Street working.
21/4/1973Edinburgh and Northern RailwayTrackwork at Ladybank Works removed, but building not demolished.
6/10/1975Edinburgh and Northern RailwayBridge of Earn Junction to Ladybank re-opened for passengers (after closure of the Glenfarg Line).
6/10/1975Edinburgh and Northern RailwaySome Perth to Edinburgh Waverley workings diverted from via Stirling to via Newburgh 2nd .
6/10/1979Edinburgh and Northern RailwayNewburgh 2nd sidings removed pending removal of loop.
//1981Edinburgh and Northern RailwaySignaling from Dalmeny to Cupar, Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath transferred to the new Edinburgh Signaling Centre.
//1992Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway)Glenrothes with Thornton opened.
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