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Chronology for Edinburgh

//1762Nor Loch, EdinburghDrained, this was the future site of North British Railways Waverley Station.
26/5/1826Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayAct receives Royal assent
//1830National Monument (Carlton Hill, Edinburgh)Only 12 pillars of this church built
/10/1831Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayOpened throughout.
/10/1831Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayFisherrow branch opened.
4/7/1831Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayOpened from St Leonards to Craighall.
2/6/1832Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayPassenger shuttle service started from St Leonards to Dalhousie by other company along the railway.
//1834Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayEdinburgh and Dalkeith set up own passenger service.
//1836Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayEdinburgh and Dalkeith take over all other passenger services.
13/8/1836Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayAct receives Royal assent for a line from Canal Street to Trinity.
/10/1837Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayThe Duke of Buccleuch begins work on Granton harbour.
//1838Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayAct receives Royal assent.
//1838Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayLeith branch opened.
28/5/1838Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayVictoria Jetty, Granton opened for traffic to Burntisland.
//1839Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayDalkeith branch opened (connected to Duke of Buccleuchs collieries at Smeaton and Cowden).
1/7/1839Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayPlanned route deviated further east.
//1841Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayCowlairs Works opens.
18/2/1842Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayQueen Street Station, Glasgow, opened (originally called Dundas Street) (Date also given as the 21rst)
21/2/1842Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayService starts between Glasgow Queen Street and Edinburgh Haymarket
31/8/1842Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayScotland Street to Trinity opened.
//1844Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayBanking engines tried on the Cowlairs incline between Glasgow Queen Street at Cowlairs. Rope haulage was used to assist locomotives pulling trains up this incline. The rope was dropped at the top of the incline. Brake vans were used going down into Queen Street.
//1844Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayAn Act is passed renaming the company the Edinburgh, Leith and Granton Railway and giving assent to building branches from Trinity to Granton and from Warriston to Leith.
//1845Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)Act receives Royal assent.
//1845Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (as yet unbuilt) absorbed by North British Railway.
31/07/1845Edinburgh and Northern RailwayAct receives Royal assent. Mainline from Burntisland to Perth via Ladybank. Branches from Ladybank to Cupar and Kirkcaldy to the harbour. The Perth station was to be by the Dundee and Perth Railway station.
21/7/1845Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
North British Railway
Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway merged with the North British Railway.
//1846Edinburgh and Bathgate RailwayAct receives Royal assent
//1846Stirlingshire Midland Junction Railway
Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway
Stirlingshire Midland Junction Railway absorbed by Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway
//1846Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayEdinburgh General Station (Waverley) opened further east from Haymarket the former terminus
//1846Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayScotland Street Tunnel completed.
//1846Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayRoute re-gauged to standard gauge.
//1846Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayFisherrow branch modified to branch off North British Railway.
//1846Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayOriginal Fisherrow branch from Niddrie connected to North British Railway to form Niddrie to Monktonhall link.
19/2/1846Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayTrinity (New) and the line to Granton opened, Trinity (Old) turned into a goods station.
10/5/1846Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayLeith branch opened.
1/8/1846Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayLine extended from Haymarket to meet the North British Railway at North Bridge station.
//1847Edinburgh Station and Branches (Caledonian Railway)Slateford to Haymarket (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway) Act passed
//1847Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwaySt Leonards closed.
//1847Musselburgh Branch (North British Railway)
Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Musselburgh Branch opened and Fisherrow closed to passengers.
14/07/1847Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)Portobello East Junction to Niddrie South Junction, Cairney to Millerhill, re-alignment at Sheriffhall and Dalhousie to Gorebridge opened.
9/12/1847Edinburgh and Northern RailwayExtended from Lindores 1st to Glenburnie. Glenburnie opened and Lindores 1st closed. (Lindores 1st may also have been known as Abdie?)
17/5/1847Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven RailwayScotland Street to Canal Street opened (Canal Street called Princes Street briefly).
/7/1847Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayDalhousie renamed South Esk.
14/7/1847Edinburgh and Dalkeith RailwayNew line from Portobello (Hawick Junction) to Niddrie South Junction opened, Niddrie to South Esk re-gauged. The Arniston Branch was replaced by a new alignment further west.
27/7/1847Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven Railway
Edinburgh and Northern Railway
Edinburgh, Leith and Granton Railway absorbed by Edinburgh and Northern Railway.
17/9/1847Edinburgh and Northern RailwayOpened from Burntisland to Lindores and Cupar. Stations at Burntisland 1st , Kinghorn, Kirkcaldy, Sinclairtown, Dysart, Thornton, Markinch, Falkland Road, Kingskettle, Ladybank, Collessie, Lindores 1st , Springfield and Cupar.
//1848Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayVillas start being built by Lenzie station
//1848Edinburgh and Glasgow RailwayGive up using banking engines on the Cowlairs incline.
01/05/1848Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)Line extended from Gorebridge to Bowland.
18/5/1848Edinburgh and Northern RailwayExtended from Glenburnie to Abernethy Road. Stations at Newburgh 1st and Abernethy Road opened. Glenburnie closed.
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