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Chronology for Berwickshire Railway

1/8/1849Berwickshire RailwayLine opened as double track, Duns to Reston.
//1859Berwickshire RailwayLine singled.
//1862Berwickshire RailwayAct receives Royal assent for an extension from Duns to St Boswells.
//1863Berwickshire RailwayLine opened through to Ravenswood Junction by St Boswells.
//1876Berwickshire Railway
North British Railway
Berwickshire Railway absorbed by North British Railway.
13/8/1948Berwickshire RailwaySt Boswells (Ravenswood Junction) to Duns closed to passengers (due to flood damage between Duns and Greenlaw).
13/8/1948Berwickshire RailwayGreenlaw to Duns closed to all traffic (flood damage).
10/9/1951Berwickshire RailwayDuns to Reston closed to passengers.
10/9/1951Berwickshire RailwayClosed to passengers from Duns to Reston.
//1953Berwickshire RailwayTrack at Marchmont lifted.
/4/1959Berwickshire RailwayScott Country tour visits Greenlaw.
/4/1963Berwickshire RailwaySpecials visit Greenlaw.
19/7/1965Berwickshire RailwayRavenswood Junction to Greenlaw closed to freight.
7/11/1966Berwickshire RailwayDuns to Reston closed to freight.
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