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This website presents a history of Scotland's railways. Lines are referred to by the original company name.

The website is owned by Ewan Crawford and was started in 1995. Originally it started as a overly detailed page about the Milngavie railway as a spoof of what could be done on the web - but this page was taken seriously by a number of visitors and so further pages were added.

This is just a holding page for the moment, further details will appear here later.

I'll be adding an FAQ for common questions such as;

The photographs used in the banner are; [Home] near Clunes (view reversed), [About] near Craigendoran (view reversed), [News] Forth Bridge from North Queensferry, [On this day] Haymarket viewed from the west, [Maps] approaching Blackford Hill from the west, [Companies] Wemyss Bay station canopy, [A to Z] Hunterston Ore terminal - now used for coal imports, [Books] passing north through Elvanfoot and [Links] former railway tunnel under the line at Waterside.

Photographs and other materials, unless otherwise stated, are copyright Ewan Crawford 1996 - 2004.