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Stobcross Railway

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Stobcross Railway

This railway is mostly open. The line was originally conceived to provide rail access (freight) to the new Queens Dock and the expanding west end of Glasgow. After completion of the Glasgow City and District Railway the line came into use by commuters. Now with the withdrawl of nearly all freight operations from the area the lines are now electrified with services running to Helensburgh, Balloch, Dumbarton, Dalmuir, Clydebank, Singer and Milngavie. The Queens Dock is now the Scottish Exhibition Centre and the Partick goods yards have been closed. 

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Clickable map of the Stobcross Railway.

The Stobcross Railway passing under the Forth and Clyde Canal
(track now lifted)

Former Partickhill goods yard, closed.
The line running north/south through Partick, the site of the former Partickhill Goods Yard occupied by a Sainsbury's.

Local area 


This line runs through the west end of Glasgow. Much of the route is in an area of Tenement buildings and today there is very little industry along the course of the line.



The line was built to connect to the Queens Dock at Stobcross from Maryhill on the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway. It became part of the North British Railway. The Caledonian Railway gained running powers over the line and built their own depot at Partickhill which was later connected to by the Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire Railway. The line was later extended to the east to join the Coatbridge line at High Street. A large station was opened under Glasgow Queen Street.

Today the line carries very little freight and mostly electric trains operating local Glasgow services.

The section of the line through Partick and Hyndland was very expensive to build as the land had already been purchased for housing developments.

Description of route


From Maryhill to Stobcross, Finnieston via Patrick and Hyndland. 

Maryhill Park Junction


The track between Maryhill Park Junction, on the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway, and Anniesland has been lifted. This section may be re-opened as part of the Larkhall re-opening scheme.

Dawsholm Gasworks 


There was a branch from the line, the junction facing Anniesland. The branch have also included a connection to a berth on the Forth and Clyde Canal; parts of an old railway bridge over the Dawsholm road still exist.

Knightswood South Junction


(Glasgow City and District link line, Knightswood Branch, Anniesland Gasworks (may have connected to Glasgow Central Railway through the Gasworks?)) 

On the now closed line north of Anniesland, south of Maryhill 
Left; looking to Knightswood South Junction. Right; looking to the Forth and Clyde Canal, Anniesland Gasworks on right. 

Temple Sawmills 


A short branch from Knightswood South Junction ran Westerly to the Temple Sawmills. This terminated at the site of what is presently a B&Q store and included a branch into further mills by a reversing spur. 



This is a two platform station. It was called Great Western Road and had a goods yard on east side of tracks.

Jordanhill North Junction?


(Whiteinch Railway) 

Jordanhill East Junction


(Glasgow City and District link line) 



Train heading north from the station. 303 entering the station from the north.

This is a 'new' island platform station dating from electrification of the line. The trackbed of the former Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire Railway passes underneath at south of site.

Hyndland Sidings


(By new station, site now occupied by newly built Gartnavel Homeopathic Hospital).

Hyndland Junction 


(For Glasgow City and District line terminus built at Hyndland) 

Partickhill Goods (Caledonian Railway)


This yard was connected to both the North British

Partickhill Goods (North British Railway)


Former Partickhill goods yard, open. Former Partickhill goods yard, closed.

The goods shed has been demolished and the sidings lifted at Partickhill. The site is now occupied by a shopping development which includes a Sainsbury's store. The two photographs given here show a similar location before and after the sidings were lifted. The picture on the left shows the goods yard when it was in use for the Yoker re-signalling scheme.

A very short section of the former goods yard has been left as a short siding off the line.



This station is closed having been replaced by the new Partick station, just to the south, on the other side of Dunbarton Road.



Partick, looking east over the station towards the long viaduct. Partick, looking north towards Hyndland and the former Partickhill station.

Also known as Partick Interchange, below it Merklands Station on the Glasgow subway re-opened was as Patrick following the modernisation of the Underground. The station is on a bend and has two platforms.

Kelvin Viaduct 


(Underneath a section of the Queens dock line connected to the Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire Railway station at Partick Central) 

Kelvinhaugh West Junction?


(New - with single track eastbound line to Exhibition Centre; was Stobcross on Glasgow Central Railway) 

Kelvinhaugh Junction


(Start point of Kelvinhaugh Goods Yard (later cut in half but building of the Glasgow City and District), the Glasgow City and District, the Stobcross and Queens Dock Railway 



(Glasgow City and District Railway) 

Kelvinhaugh High Level Goods


This depot is closed and the site has been built over.

Stobcross Goods 


(connection to Glasgow Central Railway) 

Queens Dock 


Former Queens Dock sidings.

Now the Scottish Exhibition Centre, following the infill of the Queens Dock with the demolished rubble of St Enoch's Station. The view shows the course of the line which ran down from the high level Kelvinhaugh Goods to Stobcross and the Queens Dock. The line was re-opened as the 'Argyle line' to connect the Rutherglen to Stobcross section of the Glasgow Central Railway to the former Stobcross Railway.

Stobcross Crane


Stobcross Crane with 'Straw locomotive'.

(Used to load locomotives onto Vessels for export. Quay by the crane still used as a stabling point by the Admiralty for overnight stays) 

Yorkhill Quay 


Former Queens Dock lines.

On the line from Stobcross Goods to Inglis Yard, the dock still sees common use for stabling vessels overnight, for example this was the berth in Glasgow used by Britannia on it's final tour before de-commisioning. The road in the foreground of this photograph is the Clydeside Expressway, which occupies the alignment of this closed section of railway. The lower photograph looks towards Stobcross with the Stobcross Railway on the right and the former goods line occupied by the Clydeside Expressway.

Inglis Pointhouse Yard 


(Branch ran from Stobcross to Inglis Yard - now the route is occupied by the Expressway) 
(Inglis built Jeannie Deans II and Waverley IV and many other Clyde Vessels) 
(Site now landscaped and some occupied by the Expressway) 
(Spur runs on under the main line to the Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire Railway at Partick Central)  

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