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St Andrews Railway

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St Andrews Railway

This line is closed. It probably should not have been closed as to get to St Andrews from the railway now involves a taxi or bus journey from the relatively nearby station of Leuchars. As many passengers approach from the south this were the line to be rebuilt trains would have to make a "reversal" at Leuchars, Milton Junction.

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Clickable map of the St Andrews Railway.

 Guardbridge viaduct from the south.
Guardbridge viaduct from the south.

Local area


The links at St Andrews are famous as the "home of golf".



Description of route


From St Andrews to Leuchars.

Leuchars, Milton Junction


This was a north facing junction with the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.

Guard Bridge

Guardbridge viaduct from the south.
Guard Bridge viaduct from the south.


This was a single platform station with sidings serving a paper mill. On it's way to St Andrews the line crossed a river - the piers of the old bridge are still visible but the girders removed. Nothing remains of the station today.

St Andrews (Old)


The original station at St Andrews has been incorporated into a hotel. Once the line was extended south by the Anstruther and St Andrews Railway a new station was opened in the town and the old station became a goods yard. Note - the portion of the line between the two stations was not built by the A&StAR, this was built by the North British Railway who by this stage were the owners of the former St Andrews Railway and thus extended it, clearly wanting to have a interest in the new station, which was jointly owned.

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