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This line is closed.

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Clickable map of the Newport Railway.

Local area 


The line ran along the south bank of the Tay. The area is highly populated and the line was busy with commuter traffic to Dundee over the Tay Bridge.



The line was opened after the first Tay Bridge opened, but before its collapse.

Description of route


From Wormit to Tayport via Newport-on-Tay.



This station was opened after the line was opened. The station had two platforms and immediately to its east the line singled and entered a tunnel. One of the station buildings from here is now at Birkhill on the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway. The platforms remain intact here.

The line connected to the Tay Bridge and Associated Lines here at a north facing junction. When the line initially opened it connected to the original bridge and joined the first bridge at a junction out above the Tay - the line ran out on a viaduct which joined the Tay Bridge several hundred feet out over the Tay. There was a signalbox at the junction (the same style as the box which originally controlled the approach line from Leuchars as the line singled to go onto the bridge). Wormit is where the foundry for making much of the first Tay Bridge was established.

When the new Tay Bridge was built the alignment was altered here so that the junction was on dry land.

There was also a connection from the Newport Railway to the Leuchars line, junction facing south, which passed under the Tay Bridge.

Newport-on-Tay West


This was a two platform station. The station building stll stands, in a housing estate looking like an older house in a street of 1970s houses.

Newport-on-Tay East


This was a two platform station with a goods yard at its east end. The site of the station is now a footpath. The route of the former line is obvious but the station itself has lost its platform.



The Newport Railway joined the Edinburgh and Northern Railway at Tayport. It joined at a south facing junction, just to the north of a level crossing to the north of Tayport station. The route of the line is traceable.

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