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Leslie Railway

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Leslie Railway

This line is closed, although a portion remains, out of use, between Markinch and the Auchmuty Paper Mills. It is likely this section will be closed and lifted. It is possible the closed route will become a cycleway.

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Partly retained out of use

Clickable map of the Leslie Railway.

Local area


The area has a large number of paper mills.



Description of route


From Markinch to Leslie.



The line joined the Edinburgh and Northern Railway at a north facing junction at Markinch. There were/are extensive sidings here and a goods shed (the goods shed burnt down recently) which for many years was host to A4 Pacific 'Union of South Africa' after its time on the Lochty Light Railway.

Auchmuty Junction

Fife Paper

Prestonhall level crossing

Auchmuty Paper Mills


Until the easrly 1990s the line remained in use between the Auchmuty Paper Mills (Tullis Russell Paper) and Markinch. The line was notable for a very small bridge trains had to pass under. Latterly class 08s were used due to the limited clearance available. The line from the mills met the 'main line' from Markinch to Leslie at an east facing junction. The line to Leslie continued west over the large Balbirnie Viaduct, which still stands out of use.

Balbirnie Viaduct

Auchmuty area of Glenrothes

The line passed round the south of what is now the Auchmuty area of Glenrothes. There were no stations or sidings here as this was undeveloped farmland at the time of the opening.

Leslie Viaduct



This was the terminus of the line. This was a single platform station. A fair portion of the platform remains in an area of derelict ground, partly built upon, which was the terminus. There was a paper mill immediately to the west of the terminus which was rail served, and another further north which was served by trains reversing back out of the station and taking a line running north from a west facing junction.

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