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Kilbarchan Loop

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Kilbarchan Loop
(Glasgow and South Western Railway)

This line is closed.

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Local area 


This line runs through farmed countryside beside a series of small lochs.



Description of route 


From Elderslie to Dalry. 

Cart Junction


At this junction the original Bridge of Weir Railway (which was later extended to Greenock by the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway) was met by the Kilbarchan Loop which ran south to Dalry and effectively quadruple tracked the line from Paisley to Dalry which was the junction between the Kilmarnock and Ayr routes. Before the Kilbarchan Loop was opened a short branch had been opened from Cart Junction to Johnstone North which was a terminus nearby the later North Johnstone station. There was also a goods line between Cart Junction and North Johnstone which was the remnant of this line after the Kilbarchan Loop opened. A chord also connected Cart Junction to Johnstone station which was almost certainly opened in conjunction with the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway to allow freight from Ayrshire to run to Greenock. There was one final connection from Cart Junction to Elderslie West Junction which passed under the Elderslie-Johnstone alignment on the former route of the Paisley Canal.

North Johnstone


This station had an island platform. This was approached by a white-brick subway from a bridge over a road at the south end of the station. A freight line joined the mainline here which ran from Cart Junction and was the reamaining and re-aligned former Johnstone North branch.



This station had an island platform. From either end of the station subways run up to the island platform for access.

Castle Semple 
(Passenger station never opened) 

Lochwinnoch (Kilbarchan Loop) 
(Replaced the original Lochwinnoch which became Lochside until this station's closure) 


Brownhill Junction 
(Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway)

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