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Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway

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Jordanhill West Junction? 
Yoker Signal Box 
Yoker depot 
Rothesay Dock
Clydebank East Junction  
Clydebank East 

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Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway

This line is open. The line was originally associated with shipyards which re-located from Govan (on the south bank of the Clyde) to Clydebank (formerly 'Barns of the Clyde' on the north bank of the Clyde). The workers remained living in Govan and to get to work at the new shipyards used a ferry, the Stobcross Railway and the Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway.

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Rothesay Dock Branch Clickable map of the Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway

Local area 


This area was once world famous for its shipbuilding, which has now declined. 



Description of route 


From Whiteinch to Clydebank.

Whiteinch West Junction  

This was the junction with the Whiteinch, Victoria Park line which commenced at Jordanhill North Junction. The Yoker line was a continuation the Whiteinch line along the north bank, just as industry was springing up in the area. Much of its purpose was taking employees to the John Brown Shipyard (responsible in later years for building the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Elizabeth II (the QE2)). 


This station has two platforms.


This station has an island platform. Further west is the Yoker Yard and Rothesay dock branch.


This station has two platforms.

Clydebank Dock Signal Box

This box has now been demolished as part of the Yoker re-signalling scheme which replaced many of the signal boxes on the North Glasgow Electric railways network.

Yoker depot

(Formerly Yoker Yard) At the time of the left hand photograph the Rothesay dock branch had not been re-layed, this track now exists in the fore-ground of this view. The view looks West, the line through to Dalmuir is to the right beyond the sidings, and the Rothesay dock branch is to the left. 

Having recently re-visited the site I now find that the area in the foreground is now overgrown, and the Rothesay dock branch which had been re-layed have now been removed, again.

Clydebank Junction  

For Clydebank Central and Dalmuir (to join the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway) by the extension line. 

Clydebank East   
This was the terminus of the line before it was extended to Dalmuir via Clydebank Central. The station remained as a terminus for many years but was eventually closed. It's site is now occupied by a school playground and housing. From here sidings continued west at street level to the John Brown's shipyard. The extension west was carried on an embankment running parallel to these and to the north.
The Line was later extended west by the North British Railway to Clydebank and Dalmuir.


Was Clydebank Central.

Dalmuir Park Junction 

(Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway)

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