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Dundee and Newtyle Railway

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Dundee and Newtyle Railway 

This railway is closed. The route included three inclined planes which required stationary steam engines to haul the trains uphill. These steep sections were later deviated by three new railways.

The company provided a service between Dundee and Newtyle. The line was unusual for its time in not being a connection between coal pits and, say, canals.

The original station at Newtyle still stands.

Survey To be entered
Engineers Charles Landale
J. Leslie (Later Harbour Branch)
Act 26 May 1826
Contractor Several?
(Work commenced February 1827)
Opened 16 December 1831
Closed To be entered
Clickable map of the Dundee and Newtyle Railway
Route map including later deviations.
Original course of the Dundee and Newtyle Railway
Route map showing the original route.

Local area 


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Description of route 


From Dundee to Newtyle. (Still to add passing places)

Original route

Dundee Ward Road

This was the original southern terminus of the line. The line was later entended to the harbour.

Law Tunnel 

The line passed under the eastern part of Dundee Law in a tunnel.

Gareth (sorry, no second name) e-mailed me to tell me :

"You could get about 500 yards into it and the tunnel was bricked up totally. There was a "ghost" at the end of the tunnel made up of two planks of wood and a white sheet at the end and to join our gang, you had to touch it."

Offset at back of Law

This station was also known as Cross Roads. The station building still stands - now in use as a house.



Balbeuchly Foot

Balbeuchly Incline

Balbeuchly Top

Auchterhouse (Old)

This was located on a short branch, the junction of which faced South-East towards Dundee. Trains calling here had to work the short branch before continuing on their way.


Newtyle Incline

Newtyle (Old)

Also known as Newtyle Goods. This old station still stands. There were connections to the following lines here :
(Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway)
(Newtyle, Eassie and Glamiss Railway)

Harbour Extension

Dundee Harbour 

The line was extended south from Dundee Ward Road to the harbour at the Earl Grey Dock and other docks.
Opened Feb 1837

Lochee Deviation

Ninewells Junction 
(Dundee and Perth Railway


Lochee West 
(or Camperdown or Victoria) 


Maryfield Junction 

Maryfield Goods 

Fairmuir Goods

Balbeuchly Deviation

(Various sidings and loop) 


Auchterhouse (New) 

Newtyle Deviation

Newtyle (New) 
(Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway
(Newtyle, Eassie and Glamiss Railway)

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