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Dundee and Arbroath Railway

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Local area

Dundee East
Camperdown Junction
Dundee Trades Lane
West Ferry
Broughty Ferry
Broughty Ferry Pier
Broughty Ferry Pier Junction
Barnhill Junction
Balmossie Halt
Barry Links
Golf Street Halt
East Haven
Elliot Junction
Arbroath Lady Loan

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Arbroath and Forfar Railway
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Dundee and Arbroath Railway

This railway is open. The line runs from Dundee to Arbroath. The line was built to a gauge of 5'6" which led to closure for re-gauging in later years.

Survey To be entered
Engineers Thomas Grainger
John Miller
Act To be entered
Contractors Milne & Leslie
David Walker
Robert Brotherston and William McPherson
John Smith
Murdoch, Aitken and Company
Bedlington Iron Company
Opened 6 October 1838 (Arbroath to Craigie)
3 June 1839 (Craigie to Roodyards)
2 April 1840 (Roodyards to Dundee Trades Lane)
24 May 1847 Dundee to Barnhill
Closed No

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Local area


This line runs along the north bank of the River Tay.



Description of route


From Dundee to Arbroath.

Dundee East Opened:14/12/1857 Closed:5/1/1959

This was Dundee's station for trains to the east (Arbroath) and north (Forfar). The station had a overall glass roof, like a small Glasgow Queen Street. It was located near the docks and had carriage sidings to the north of the main line. A gasworks was also served by sidings. Trains switched to Dundee Tay Bridge station on the line's closure.

There was a railway through the streets of Dundee to provide a link to Dundee West station.

A couple of sidings remain, for use for concrete trains, to the south of the former station site.

Camperdown Junction


This was an east facing junction between the lines from the Dundee East terminus and the The Tay Bridge and associated lines coming up from the Dock Street Tunnel. The site was overlooked by a tall signalbox on the north side.

Dundee Trades Lane Opened:2/4/1840 Closed:14/12/1857

This terminus was replaced by Dundee East. It was built as the 'Dundee Trades Lane and Carolina Port Branch'.

Roodyards Opened:3/6/1839 Closed:2/4/1840

This terminus was replaced by Dundee Trades Lane.

Craigie Opened:6/10/1838 Closed:3/6/1839

This was the first eastbound terminus in Dundee, replaced by Roodyards.

Stannergate Opened:2/1901 Closed:1/5/1916

This station served the east of Dundee. It had two platforms with four running lines between them.

West Ferry Opened:1859 Closed:1/1/1917 Re-Opened:1/2/1919 Closed:4/9/1967

The building at this station remains and the 'humps' of the platforms can be just discerned.

Broughty Ferry Opened:6/10/1838

This very fine station is famous for its level crossing, subway between platforms and footbridge between platforms. There was a bay platform at the west end. The station buildings still stand.

Just to the east of the station was a west facing junction for the line to Broughty Ferry Pier station. This link was lifted at an early date and its site built on some time ago.

Broughty Pier Opened:17/5/1848 Closed:1/6/1878 Re-Opened:1/2/1880 Closed:19/6/1887

This station was located by Broughty Ferry Castle and served by North British Railway boat-traims operating from Tayport and crossing on train ferries. This ferry was replaced by the Tay Bridge and associated lines. After collapse of the bridge the pier was brought back into service until the replacement bridge was opened.

Broughty Ferry Pier Junction


This was an east facing junction between the Dundee to Arbroath line and the branch to Broughty Ferry Pier.

Barnhill Junction


This was a west facing junction. The line to Forfar branched off to the south, then swung north to cross over the Dundee to Arbroath line.

Balmossie Opened:18/6/1962 as Balmossie Halt Re-named:16/5/1983 as Golf Street

This is a two platform halt.

Monifieth Opened:6/10/1838

This is a two platform station. It has lost its station buildings.

Buddon Opened:? as Barry Review Platform Re-named:1/6/1893 as Barry Links Buddon Siding Re-named:? as Buddon Siding Opened (public):7/1910 as Buddon Closed (public):1/9/1914 and renamed Buddon Siding Closed:Pre 1957

This station is closed.

Barry Links Opened:31/7/1851 as Barry Re-named:1/4/1919 as Barry Links

This is a two platform station. It retained a signalbox to the west, now gone.

Golf Street Opened:After 1948 as Golf Street Halt Re-named:16/5/1983 as Golf Street

This is a two platform halt.

Carnoustie Opened:6/10/1838 Re-located:1900

The original station here was to the west of the level crossing, the new station is to the east. It is a two platform station. It retains a signalbox to the west.

East Haven Opened:6/10/1838 Closed:4/9/1967

This station is closed.

Elliot Junction Opened:1855 Closed:1/1/1917 Re-opened:1/2/1919 Closed:4/9/1967

This was a station with a broad island platform. To the north the Carmyllie Railway branched off from an east facing junction. Somewhat oddly, there was no access to the branch line from the station.

Today the tracks remain splayed apart and a footbridge, which once served the station, still crosses at this point.

Arbroath Lady Loan Opened:6/10/1838 Closed:1/2/1848

This was the original terminus. It was replaced by Arbroath (New).

To the west of Arbroath, and to the south of the line, Kerr's Miniature Railway runs parallel to the line for a short distance. The line opened on 22/6/1935.

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