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Darvel Branch

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Darvel Branch
(Glasgow and South Western Railway)

This line is closed.

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Opened 9 August 1848
Closed Yes, save a short disused siding at Hurlford.
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Local area 


This line runs from east Kilmarnock into the countryside. There were a number of coalmines in the area.



Description of route 


From Hurlford (Kilmarnock) to Darvel and Loudonhill.

Hurlford Junction

This was a north facing junction with the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway.

Hurlford Shed

This locomotive shed was in the 'v' of Hurlford Junction. It was built on a greenfield site to suppliment the sheds around Kilmarnock. The company built housing for the workers.

Hurlford Mineral Sidings

These sidings were by the locomotive shed.


This was a timber-platform halt by the locomotive shed and sidings. Further east there was an east facing junction for a line which connected to the Riccarton line avoiding the main line. Further east was another east facing junction for a goods only line which ran north to various coalmines.


The site of this two platform station is now housing.


The station site is now occupied by an industrial estate.


Darvel was a two platform station (platforms built in timber) on a high embankment. The embankment remains and traces of timber can be found on it. The line continued east and was used by the Caledonian Railway trains coming from the Darvel and Strathaven Railway as far as Loundonhill where the line became Caledonian Railway owned.


This station had an island platform. Immediately to the north of it was a fine viaduct, demolished in the 1980s (after a few goes with explosives). The line continued east to Strathaven as the Caledonian Railway owned Darvel and Strathaven Railway.

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