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Crieff and Comrie Railway

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Crieff and Comrie Railway

This line is closed.

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From Crieff to Comrie. The line followed a mostly level course to Comrie. A viaduct was required at the eastern end in Crieff, and further west there is a tunnel (worth a visit as the ballast is in good condition with sleeper imprints - there is slight water seepage). At the west end of the tunnel (choked with trees) there is a fair amount of rubbish - including what appears to be platform edging!  



The site of Crieff station is now occupied by a nursing home and ambulance depot. The station consisted of two platforms (with glass canopies) and three tracks (the central track was an engine release / goods only line). To the south was the goods yard, this space is now rough land with one or two paths and many trees. Further east was the junction of the Crieff Junction Railway (from Crieff Junction on the Scottish Central Railway) and the Crieff and Methven Junction Railway (from Methven Junction on the Perth, Almond Valley and Methven Railway) lines which ran parallel for about a mile before the junction at Crieff. There was a large signal box to the south of the tracks and to the north three locomotive sheds (one for each company at this site). The original configuration of locomotive sheds is uncertain for the early years of the two lines from the east. 



The station site is now occupied by a caravan park. The edges of the platforms can be traced (although the trackbed is now raised to platform level) and the base (in concrete) of a bay window can be found. Originally there was only one platform here (the down platform). The line was continued to join the Callander and Oban Railway at Balquhidder Junction by the Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway. 

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