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Bridgwater Railway

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Bridgwater Railway

This line is closed. It was leased by the London and South Western Railway company and operated as part of the Somerset and Dorset Railway.

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Opened 17 July 1890
Closed Yes
Clickable map of the Bridgwater Railway

Image (c) Colin E Jackson.

This invitation to the opening of the line on July 17th 1890 was sent to me by Colin E. Jackson whose father, the late Edwin R. Jackson, was Shed Master at Highbridge Motive Power Depot, British Rail (Southern Region).

From Mr Jackson's e-mail; "It would appear to be a photocopy, the graphics are a little lost but if you step back I think it may be a map of Wales with Somerset at the bottom and the front of a steam loco sitting on Aberystwyth. The original was kept in the Station Masters Office at Bridgwater North Station until the closing."

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From Bridgwater to Edington.

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