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Anstruther and St Andrews Railway

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Anstruther and St Andrews Railway

This line is closed. The line ran round the East Coast of Fife between the towns in its title.

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Act 26 August 1880
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Opened 1 September 1883


Clickable map of the Anstruther St Andrews Railway.

Local area 


The links at St Andrews are famous as the "home of golf".



On opening of the line the terminii at St Andrews and Anstruther were closed having been replaced. The St Andrews station was run through by the line extending to Anstruther - it became a goods station. The new Anstruther station was across a river bridge from the old station which also became a goods yard and lay to the south of new the running lines.

Description of route


From Anstruther to St Andrews.

Anstruther (New)


This was a two platform station is a shallow cutting. The site of the station has been landscaped. In later days the former St Andrews platform line became a terminating platform for trains from the west while the westbound platform remained in use for trains in both directions.



This was a two platform station. The station still stands as a house by a garden centre. The garden centre occupies the goods yard.



The southbound platform at this station still remains. The East of Fife Central Railway (Lochty Railway) was originally intended to terminate here - and the railway here was made double track in preparation.



This was a single platform station. The platform and station building still stand. It is now a private house.



This station was in a cutting. The station building and platform remain here. It is now a private house.

Mount Melville


This station was to the east of the A915, south of St Andrews. The location has been partly landscaped. The A915 crossed the line on a bridge. The line ran east-west at this point. The station had a single platform and building to the north of the line and siding to the south of the line.

St Andrews (New)


This station was in a cutting with stone retaining walls. The station had a broad island platform and large canopied building. The line ran slightly further north to the St Andrews Railway by the Hotel. The station site is now a series of carparks and the cutting has been filled. The embankment running to the Hotel is still partly there, with missing bridges over roads.

The station was initially jointly owned by the NBR and A&StAR companies, the NBR owning the line west through the old St Andrews station by the golfcourse. The NBR extended the line to the new station from the old station, this portion was not built by the A&StAR.

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